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I am a full-time carer for my 63 year old son, who is intellectually impaired, has severe Autism & some physical disorders – now onsetting dementia. Caring for my son 24/7 without support or assistance, has always been troublesome, being a single (divorced) mum bringing up 3 boys, all with various problems – until NDIS […]

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Sue Waters

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I care for my hubby who has slowly gone downhill after an accident in the army reserve, over the last 30 years, 20 of those I worked part time, but 12 years ago it became apparent I was needed at home more We suffered financially and life has been tough because of it, but we […]

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George Helon

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A carer's advocate, I am the fulltime 24/7/365 primary carer of my ailing mother who has Lewy Body Dementia (LBD) and is in declining physical health with severe mobility issues, chronic health conditions and numerous ailments. I receive a meagre $136.50 fortnightly Carer's Allowance. With many health issues, including an extremely rare genetic disorder (Pallister-Hall […]

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Raylene Stephanos

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I’ve been caring for my husband now , basically since we’ve been married ,but the last 25 yrs , I became his carer , as he was going through Cluster headache syndrome , we’re they would put him in hospital . Tony as several nuroligical disorders combined with cerable plausey, Eplilesy and other medical issues […]

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When my 2nd child was born (31 years ago) and had severe problems during the delivery and after I thought i was just 'being a Mum' because that's what Mums do, yeah ! As the years progressed and the issues became bigger, harder and more time consuming, I just got on with it Finally, we […]

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Sue Wendy Waters

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I care for my hubby who had to retire 31 yrs ago with a back injury and other conditions from an accident in the army While he gets assistance from DVA, i don't, so I had to find my own resources which I have done in the last 16 years I had to stop work […]

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I’m a carer for my two adult sons who have Fragile X Syndrome Since May last year, I have also been a carer for my husband who had a brain stem stroke and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 prostrate cancer It seems full on for us but because we have been caring for […]

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