A chance to show appreciation for carers

Carers make an enormous contribution to our communities as well as our national economy.

National Carers Week provides you with a chance to show your appreciation for carers in Australia.

A chance to learn and raise awareness about carers image

A chance to learn and raise awareness about carers

Help raise awareness this National Carers Week by inviting workmates, friends and family to an event to help recognise carers, what they do and how they can access services and supports.

Organise a morning or afternoon tea, fundraiser or workshop to raise awareness of the diversity of carers and caring roles in Australia.


By Carers Australia, for the carers of Australia

National Carers Week is an initiative of Carers Australia, funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS). Carers Australia organises and coordinates National Carers Week with the assistance and participation of the state and territory Carers Associations.

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A chance to share your story as a carer

If you’re a carer, you can share your caring story below – the more we share, the louder our voice will be! Imagine the impact if we had a personal story for every one of Australia’s 2.65 million carers.

A recent history of National Carers Week

The official awareness-raising week for Australia’s unpaid family and friend carers has been held every year since 1992. The first of its kind to raise public awareness of the important and challenging role of carers, it was then known as Carer Awareness Week and had the theme ‘Carers Need Care Too!’ Growing year-on-year since, this important week is now approaching its 30th year.

National Carers Week 2020

National Carers Week 2020

This year we are again asking carers across the country to Tell Us Why You Care, so that we may publish their experiences and raise further awareness of unpaid carers. In this way we can provide a window into the realities of those performing such valuable caring roles across Australia and celebrate their tremendous contribution to our nation.

National Carers Week 2019

National Carers Week 2019

The same theme was used again in 2019 having proved so popular the year before, not just with the hundreds of carers who shared their caring stories, but to the many thousands who read those stories and had a greater appreciation of the caring role as a result.

Media coverage was further enhanced with the involvement of our Ambassadors, AFLW star, Moana Hope, and NRL legend, Mat Rogers and his wife, Chloe Maxwell. Their personal caring stories for sister, Vinny, and son, Max, respectively enabled us to engage several high-profile media outlets to tell the story of caring during National Carers Week and to improve our significant online engagement.

National Carers Week 2018

National Carers Week 2018

Our high-profile Ambassadors continued in 2018 with Olympic gold medal-winning swimmers, Cate and Bronte Campbell. Cate and Bronte shared with us their experiences of caring for their brother, Hamish, who has severe cerebral palsy. Cate and Bronte were able to continue sharing the message that anyone, anytime can become a carer. In 2018, all carers were encouraged to ‘Tell Us Why You Care’ and submit their own personal caring story on the official website to help us paint an authentic picture of caring in Australia.

National Carers Week 2017

National Carers Week 2017

The 2017 campaign engaged actor, Aaron Pedersen, and his brother, Vinnie, as our National Carers Week Ambassadors. By sharing some of his caring story, Aaron was able to generate significant media interest and help us to raise awareness of unpaid carers across the country. The call-to-action of that campaign again encouraged all Australians to ‘Say Thank You’ to unpaid carers, expressing their recognition and gratitude for all that carers do for our country.

National Carers Week 2016

National Carers Week 2016

In 2016 we were privileged to share the story of former Newcastle Knights NRL star, Alex McKinnon, and his wife, Teigan. Alex tragically suffered a severe spinal injury in 2014, which cut short his career and changed his and Teigan’s lives. The retelling of their experiences and their involvement in National Carers Week helped us to raise awareness of unpaid carers among all Australians, encouraging them to ‘Say Thank You’ via the official campaign website and to broaden their knowledge of the caring role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to some of the most common question around caring and National Carers Week.

Who are carers? image

Who are carers?

Carers are a family member or friends who provide unpaid care and support for someone that has a disability, chronic condition, terminal illness, is frail aged, has a mental health illness, or alcohol or other drug related issue. 

Anyone can be a carer, but many people don’t identify as one. Caring may include help and support with a range of daily activities, including dressing, showering, arranging doctors’ appointments or managing medications.   

Carers are an important part of Australia’s health system and are the foundation of our aged, disability, palliative and community care systems.


How can I get involved in National Carers Week?

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Who is Carers Australia?

Carers Australia is the national peak body representing Australia’s unpaid carers, advocating on their behalf to influence policies and services at a national level. It works collaboratively with partners and its member organisations, the state and territory Carers Associations. 

Our vision is an Australia that values and supports the contribution that carers make both to the people they care for and to the community as a whole. 

I think I might be a carer, where can I find support?  image

I think I might be a carer, where can I find support?

If you are a carer, you can get help and support from the government and other organisations. 

Carer Gateway provides a range of supports and services to carers around Australia. On their website you can access information and advice, peer support, free counselling, coaching and training. Each region in Australia has a Carer Gateway service provider who can let you know what supports and services are available in your area.

Carers Australia has a range of resources available on our website, which will help you learn more about the NDIS, and general carer wellbeing.

If you are a carer under the age of 25, you can find a range of supports and services, including the Young Carer Bursary program, on the Young Carer Network. 

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