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Resources for GPs and other medical professionals

The caring role can be a rewarding one but is often very demanding. Carers have among the lowest levels of wellbeing of any group in Australia.

There is a real and pressing need to support the health and wellbeing of Australia’s unpaid carers, along-side the wellbeing of those they care for.

Doctors and other medical professionals have the potential to be fantastic advocates for social prescribing to carers, as they are the ones who see carers the most frequently.

Social prescribing is a personalised approach in general practice that supports the needs of consumer and carers who are experiencing social or emotional concerns which are impacting on their health.

Check out the new factsheet on social prescribing for GPs and other medical professionals.

Social Prescribing Fact Sheet



Resources for school and support staff

With more than 235,000 young carers in Australia, chances are there is more than one young carer in your school. The person they care for may be a parent, sibling, their own child, another relative or a friend.

Research shows us that, when adequately supported, a young carers health, mental health, educational outcomes and wellbeing will be improved.

The Young Carer toolkit can help teachers and support staff recognise that a young person in their school may have caring responsibilities. 

Identifying Young Carers Fact Sheet

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Resources for workplaces

Carers make up nearly 11% of our population.

Many combine paid work with caring for someone with disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or someone who is frail aged.

Offering flexible workplace provisions which allow employees to combine paid work with the caring role is essential for businesses to foster a productive, efficient and effective workforce.

Watch this space for an informative webinar about the supports and services available to carers looking to combine work and care.

It will premiere live on the Carers Australia Facebook page on Wednesday 15 October at 5pm AEDT.  Watch the recording of the webinar below.

Resources mentioned in the webinar:

Carer Gateway – 1800 422 737
Your Caring Way – 1300 585 636
A Life Changing Life
JobActive – 1800 805 260
Parents Next
Career Transition – email:
The Women’s Leadership and Development Program
Grant Connect
Women who Care Employment Toolkit – available in 2022
Carers and Employers Program – (02) 9280 4744 and

Carers in the Workplace


Other resources for carers

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is one simple way you can make your health and wellbeing a priority as you care for someone.

Sometimes it can be tough to find the time and energy to prepare nutritious meals, so our friends at Nutrition Connection have a bunch of resources for you to download on their new website to help you on your health and wellness journey

Download their factsheet: Five tips for making good-for-you meals so you learn the simple tips to help you make the most of every meal you make.